Cyber security and IT Support for 2020

2020 is here and it’s even more important to maintain your cybersecurity.

Does your business have an IT support specialist in Ann Arbor to ensure your systems are secure?

Make Sure You’re Protected from Viruses, Malware, Ransomware and Cyber Threats in 2020

It would be amazing if cybersecurity was a simple task that didn’t require vigilant awareness, up to date premier business-class antivirus software and data backups. That’s just not the case. Hackers are more sophisticated than ever, meaning you need to be on top of your business’ cybersecurity. Your staff needs to look at fishy emails before they open them. You need to make sure the necessary software updates are maintained. You need to make sure your business’ antivirus software is up to snuff.

There’s a lot to do – if you’ve let something slip, you’re not alone.  

With every new ransomware attack or critical data breach - it feels like an uphill battle you can’t win. But there are things you can do for your business right now to prevent cyber-attacks and help you recover from a catastrophic hit:

  • Business Class Antivirus Software

  • Onsite and offsite data backups

  • Maintain complicated passwords

  • Up to date equipment

  • Train your staff

  • And you need to maintain software upgrades as they occur

Enacting even two or three of these steps is better than doing nothing. A virus that takes out a critical piece of hardware is going to hurt. However, it’s far less severe if you have some of these security measures in place.

Dial-in Your Cyber Security with A Premier IT Support Specialist in Ann Arbor

Cybersecurity is a full-time job in and of itself. Unless you have someone on staff maintaining your hardware and upgrading software, you need to have an IT support specialist for your Ann Arbor business. At Network Services Group LLC, we have an entire team of IT professionals on staff to take care of your business’s security, computer hardware, and network support needs.

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