Tips for speeding up your PC

Is your PC running slower than it used to?  Can’t take it anymore?  You’re not alone!  Here are a few tips for improving the performance of your computer:

#1) Download and install the free CCleaner application:

#2) Run CCleaner and let it clean your computer.  It scans your computer and removes left over temporary files that aren’t needed for anything.  It also empties your browser cache.  Not only can this clear up space, but doing so can also improve performance, and drastically reduce the time required to perform virus and spyware scans.

#3) Use the “Registry” tool inside of CCleaner to scan your computer’s registry and remove missing and erroneous entries.  Once it has finished scanning, you can tell CCleaner to fix the problems it found.  Say yes when it prompts you to backup first, and then tell it to fix everything.

#4) Use the “Tools / Startup” tool inside of CCleaner to prevent unnecessary programs from automatically starting when you boot up your computer.  Many programs insert themselves into your computers startup routine even though they aren’t necessary for your computer to run.  Disabling any programs that aren’t absolutely necessary from automatically starting can drastically improve system performance.  Just because a program doesn’t automatically start doesn’t mean you can’t use it – just click on the icon to manually start the program when you want to run it.

#5) Download and install the free Malwarebytes program from  Allow it to update itself and then let it run a scan.  Once the scan completes tell it to remove whatever spyware it found.

If you have any questions or are still having problems after trying the tips above, then call NSG at 877-815-6974.  We’d be happy to help!