Synchronize your Favorites folder across multiple machines

One of the best features of modern web browsers is their “favorites” or “bookmarks” folders, where you can easily store shortcuts to favorite and hard to find sites.  These shortcuts make it easy to quickly access sites that you visit every day, and also possible to remember and find sites that you access infrequently.  This is all well and great, but what happens when you have multiple computers?  Many of us have a computer at work, one at home, and maybe even throw a laptop or two into the mix.  Even if you only use a single computer wouldn’t it be nice to have your bookmarks automatically backed up just in case?

Fortunately there is a great and FREE solution.  It is called XMarks:

XMarks is a free service and program that you can download and install on all of your computers.  It works across multiple browsers and even works on Macs!  You simply register for a free account at their website, and then download and install their software on your computer(s) and voila… your bookmarks automatically backup to the Internet and sync between multiple computers.

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