NSG Announces New and Improved EMail System

Over here at Network Services Group, we’re all about doing things that help our customers not just work better, but smarter. Recently, we’ve made a ton of improvements to our email system in order to increase performance and improve security.

Some of the things we’ve done include:

  • Improved spam filtering–which stops most spam before it even gets to your inbox or junk folder.
  • Including daily or weekly junk reporting–you can sign up for a daily or weekly junk mail report, to make it really easy to see if any legitimate email has been caught in your junk folder.
  • Integration with Jabber instant messaging–this gives you the ability to chat online using any XMPP compatible instant messaging program (such as pidgin).

You probably know you can get access to the NSG email system by purchasing a Web or email hosting contract. But did you also know that the NSG email system is also available for purchase to install on an in-house server? This means you can keep all your email on the server and have access to it through IMAP–in other words, you can get access to all your email exactly as it is from your computer at home, work, on your laptop or even from public computers.

Customers with the NSG email system installed on an in-house server also get access to these additional features:

  • Open VPN integration (which can be enabled or disabled on a per account basis)–this can be used to allow access to a company network from a remote location.
  • Message rules–Server side message rules  allows you to direct incoming messages to a designated folder and can be specified by email address or subject

What’s more is we’ve added better integration with the Microsoft Exchange server. You can use the NSG email system as a front end to other email systems like Microsoft Exchange. Because Microsoft Exchange has limited provisions for spam and virus emails, NSG can place an inexpensive system in front of your Exchange server to limit its exposure to the Internet. All you ever see is your Exchange server, but NSG is behind the scenes acting, essentially, like a high-powered bodyguard, shielding you from any junk mail and viruses that could potentially get through.

Feel free to contact Network Services Group or call us at (866) 877-6971 to find out how the NSG email system can help you.