The Benefits of a Custom-Built Website vs. WordPress

Is your website secure, regularly updated, and equipped to handle potential cyber threats?

WordPress dominates the website world. Today, over 800 million websites use WordPress. Because it’s so widely used, if hackers discover a flaw in the WordPress core, 800 million websites are at risk. These sites will remain at risk until a patch is released, and the people in charge of that individual website install that patch. 

The beauty of WordPress lies in the power to easily change the look of your site by installing themes and plug-ins. However, this is also the most frightening thing about WordPress. Popular themes and plug-ins are at risk should hackers ever discover unexpected vulnerabilities. 
This along with several other factors are why custom-built sites are a smarter option. Learn more about the benefits of a custom-built websites from our Webmaster, Autumn Mahoney, and Web Developer Dan Holland:

Tighter Security 

Our custom-built Content Management System (CMS) is developed by a very small team of professional developers who are in constant communication with very tight standards. Because our CMS is customized in-house, we build solutions for our clients no one else is using (or will know how to use) which drastically cuts down the threat of hackers. Should you ever experience this, know that you will be supported and won’t be left to figure it out alone with little to no help from WordPress. 

We go to great lengths to make sure websites and their data are backed up in multiple distributed locations. Every time an Amazon outage makes the news for taking out a large swatch of the web, our sites stay running.

Search Engine Friendly

Custom-built websites typically rank higher in search results than WordPress sites. This can result in better leads and more traction to your site. 
Google constantly changes how it evaluates websites for search engine placement. Even if a website was well-built in the past, it doesn’t mean it will remain in good standing as new standards are imposed. 

Our sister company Michigan SEO Group consistently monitors how users find your site and tweaks keyword usage for superior optimization. This paired with our updates, ensures your site ranks higher in search results. 

Faster Service

Our tech support’s consistent monitoring of your site results in faster loading times and better compatibility with mobile devices, modern browsers, and software. Websites are most effective when treated as a living system that needs ongoing care and attention. We see plenty of folks who hire someone to build a site, that then sits untouched until it’s broken, slow, and outdated by modern standards just a few years later.

We constantly follow technical advances with the experience to know when to take advantage of new possibilities and security advances – all while being discerning enough to know what works without chasing trends. 

Expert Tech Support

NSG is in a sweet spot to be uniquely responsive to the needs of our small and medium-sized clients. You’ll find cheap commodity hosting, but then you may become a commodity customer – dealing with automated systems, self-serve interfaces, and little help when issues arise.

With the tech support from us, you benefit from a team that works with you as a technology partner without having to hire your own programming department. WordPress only takes your website so far, and leaves little room for capability, flexibility, and personalization. Our programmers will hear out your vision for your site, and help you grow it along the way as your business expands. 

Enjoy Customized IT Solutions Near Ann Arbor with Network Services Group

We’re eager to build custom solutions to help our partner companies take advantage of web-based technology, while providing security, SEO, speed, and convenience. 

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