Website Updates and Maintenance

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When was the last time you updated your website or reviewed the underlying technology it's built on?

We wanted to remind our web hosting customers of the importance of not letting their sites go stale for too long, lest they get swept downstream in the ever-changing current of web technology. Websites have a recommended service life just like servers do!

If your website has been “live” for a few years and largely untouched, then you are probably falling behind the curve.

Case in point – many of our customers rely on Google Analytics for website statistics and reporting. Did you know that Google is deprecating the old version of Google Analytics (Universal Analytics) and forcing people to upgrade to GA4? The old UA version will stop collecting data on 7/1/2023 and historical data will be removed 6 months later (though it is possible to manually export some of the data using their reporting tool).

In the meantime, some SEO Experts are recommending "dual tagging." That means installing both UA and GA4 on the same site. If you currently rely on GA reports and would like some help, please contact us for a site evaluation.

This is just one example of how web technology changes over time, so if you haven't been giving your website the attention it deserves, let us know and get back into the conversation.

Importance of Updating

Updating isn’t just important for maintaining your online presence. Software updates are necessary to keep computers running smoothly and may lower security vulnerabilities. When you update your site, you have access to new features, protect your data, improve performance, and ensure compatibility with the latest technology. 

Don’t Let Your Site Go Stale - IT Support Ann Arbor

If your website is stale, contact our IT Support Ann Arbor team. Technology is constantly upgrading and so should your website. Having a healthy online presence makes a difference for your company. If you want a professional website review or a new web design, call (877)-815-6974.