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How long ago was your business’s website created?

When was the last time it was updated?

A website is like any other piece of technology in that it becomes dated after about 5 years.  Some potential problems that can result from an outdated site include:

•    Security - An outdated website is an open invitation for hackers.
•    Dated look and feel
•    Poor SEO (you don't show up in the search results)
•    Poor compatibility with mobile devices
•    Slow load times
•    Outdated information
•    Incompatibility with modern browsers and software

Think about it... if you do a Google search and the results show you two companies, one that has a modern site that is up to date and shows recent activity, and one that looks dated and hasn't been updated in 5+ years, which one are you going to go with?  Even more likely, the outdated site probably won't even show up in the results (at least not prominently) because it doesn't meet modern conventions.

NSG offers business class hosting and web design and development services, and would love to help you update and modernize your website. And if you need help with SEO and online marketing, our sister company, Michigan SEO Group, is eager to help!

We asked our webmaster and web developer to give their perspective on the benefits of hosting and developing your website with NSG. 

From NSG’s Webmaster, Autumn Mahoney

Our team has been developing and hosting websites and web applications since the dawn of the commercial Internet. We know the technical stack inside and out, and we know what works. We don't just blindly outsource our infrastructure; every time an Amazon outage makes the news for taking out a large swatch of the web, our sites stay running.

We are at a sweet spot to be uniquely responsive to the needs of our small and medium-sized business clients. You may be able to find cheap commodity hosting, but then you become a commodity customer — dealing with automated systems, self-serve interfaces, and little recourse when things go wrong. On the opposite end of the spectrum, enterprise-scale corporations hire entire teams of developers and IT workers to keep their online presence running. With NSG, you get the benefit of an easy-to-reach, responsive team that works with you as a technology partner without having to hire your own programming department.

In addition to standard websites, we also specialize in building web-based applications that companies use to run their business processes — from internal systems to track production and work orders, to external-facing applications that help automate workflows with your customers. There are so many ways that technology can be used to make your business run more smoothly; we've built plenty of custom solutions to help our partner companies take advantage of web-based technology, and would love to talk with you about ways we could do the same for you.

From NSG’s Web Developer, Dan Holland

Google constantly changes the way it evaluates websites for search engine placement. It's always tweaking its algorithm and enforcing new standards for qualities it deems important. Even if a website was well-built in the past, it doesn't mean that it will remain in good standing with Google and other search engines as new standards are imposed. 

WordPress is the most ubiquitous CMS—and therefore the most maliciously targeted. It needs to be kept up to date. So do all its themes and plugins. And when a plugin or theme has a severe vulnerability, it needs to be temporarily disabled until the developer patches the problem, or permanently deleted and replaced with something similar.

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