Do You Have Nightmare Website Hosting?

Is your website slow to respond?

Is your website secure, with redundant backups and servers?

When you need to make changes to your website do you have to call to get a customer support ticket and wait for someone to get back to you?

A lot of people come to us with their frustrations with their current web hosting providers. Just because you heard about a website hosting company in a T.V. ad doesn’t make them a quality service. Bigger isn’t always better – it sometimes just means they spend a lot on advertising!

Network Services Group LLC - Premier Website Hosting in Ann Arbor

Together with our sister company, Michigan SEO Group, we help local and global companies with website design, hosting, and strategic SEO services. We require most of our clients to host their websites with us for one simple reason: if something goes wrong, if plug-ins break, or your security was breached – we can fix it fast. If we have to work with a third-party host provider, it can take days to get your website back up and running. That’s time you can’t afford and that’s time we hate wasting waiting for someone who probably doesn’t know what they’re doing to call us back.

Does This Nightmare Website Hosting Scenario Sound Familiar?

One of our local clients insists on keeping their current web host. We have limited access to upload new SEO content. When this client wants something changed, updated, or added – we have to go through their web host provider – who is in another state without dedicated client support staff. That means our SEO manager never gets to talk to the same person twice!

Simple changes we can do in moments can take 2-3 days for them to implement – and that’s when they get it right the first time! Things that would be relatively simple like adding buttons to the header somehow require an extra fee. To top it off – their website isn’t https secure! Their web host hasn’t even offered them the opportunity to upgrade to a more secure website – something we do for all of our clients!

We may not be the cheapest – but we’ll give you our best!

If you’re looking for website hosting in the Ann Arbor, Michigan area, we’re here for you. As a local company, we’ve been serving businesses in Ann Arbor, Dexter, Chelsea and throughout Southeastern Michigan for nearly 20 years. When problems happen, we take care of them fast. If your website goes down, we have redundant server backups ready to get you up and running again. If you have simple website changes that need to be made – we won’t charge you an arm and a leg to do them! Contact Us today to get a free security evaluation and learn more about our website hosting services.

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