No More Microsoft Security Essentials Upgrades in 2020 for Windows 7

Were you counting on Microsoft Security Essentials upgrades to keep your Windows 7 machine safe?

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Microsoft is ending support for Windows 7 and Server 2008 January 14th 2020. While they will continue to offer upgrades for nominal fees, the writing is on the wall for this operating system. The proverbial goose is cooked – it’s time to make plans to upgrade your business workstations to Windows 10.

Some people have the idea that even with the end of support for Windows 7, Microsoft will still support Microsoft Security Essentials to help prevent malware and other harmful bugs. As Computerworld reports - even MSE will stop being supported! No new malware signatures will be added leaving your personal computers and business workstations open to new attacks.

The reason MSE will no longer be supported is that Windows 7 is the only thing that runs it. Starting with Windows 8 and continuing for Windows 10, Microsoft moved most of its efforts to Windows Defender. Since Defender didn’t work for Windows 7, MSE was supported for that operating system’s lifecycle. Now that support for Windows7 and Server 2008 is coming to a close, Microsoft Security Essentials will end. It’s still possible that Microsoft could continue MSE updates for a short period after January 14th, 2020 – but everything they’re signaling suggests MSE will not be updated.

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If your business is still running Windows 7 or Server 2008, it’s time to make plans to upgrade your hardware to support Windows 10. This will ensure you continue to receive essential security updates necessary to keep your data safe. The subscription grace period is only a temporary solution. We can help you upgrade and start the new year on the right foot.

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