4 Cyber Security Tips to Avoid the Ransomware Business Blues

It Can Happen to Anyone – Anytime!

Cyber security is a major issue. Someone in your office gets an email from a person they think they know and they innocently open it. From there, ransomware spreads to every file in the system like wildfire. It happens every day.

It’s bad when it’s just your personal computer, but these viruses can infect entire business networks. If this happens, your business is at a dead stop. Every time you attempt to access an important document, you’re given a ransom notice demanding payment to unlock the document, or worse – you lose your data forever.

While there are a few solutions, the worst thing you can do is pay the ransom. It’s tempting as an easy fix but it only makes the scam more lucrative to the bad guys and it doesn’t actually remove the problem.

Avoid Damaging Ransomware, Malware, & Viruses!

At Network Services Group we have over 17 years of experience in computer system and network cyber security. We’ve seen ransomware attacks time and time again and we’ve helped many businesses recover and get back on their feet.

Here are 4 things you can do to prevent ransomware attacks

Train Your People.

The first line of defense starts with your employees. Anyone is susceptible to this form of attack so everyone must watch for suspicious emails. Even if the email looks legit, double check before opening. Simple spelling errors in the name or differences in the email address are the easiest clues to spot. If you get an email you’re not 100% sure about – don’t open it! Double check with another source and when in doubt check with your IT guys. It’s always best to take your time and be safe rather than be very sorry later on.

Business Class Antivirus Protection.

It’s not enough to activate that free trial offer you got when you took your computer out of the box, you need something capable of protecting not just one machine in your business network – but every machine. After training your people what to keep an eye out for, quality antivirus software is an essential tool for preventing ransomware and other harmful malware attacks. 

Have Good Reliable Data Backups.

This is sound advice but it’s especially important when dealing with ransomware, malware, and viruses. Every business needs to have safe and secure data backup protocols in place. From multigenerational backups to offsite backups, the more information you can squirrel away will make recovering from a critical cyber-attack much easier. If you don’t have backups, you run the risk of severe permanent data loss.

Keep Everything Up-To-Date. 

Not only do you need to train your people, have powerful business-class antivirus software, and have reliable data backups, but you have to keep your hardware and software up to date. It may seem like an inconvenience to have to stop what you’re doing to let a piece of software or your antivirus system update and reboot – but think of the alternative. If you don’t keep things up to date it’s like leaving the door open and inviting the virus into your computer. Sooner or later they’ll get you unless you stay ahead of the game.