Smooth Transitions!

From the desk of Don Prior, Founder, Network Services Group


All IT Companies Are Not Alike

This past month we were working on several server migrations for our customers. There's nothing unusual there - we do it all of the time. After the successful completion of the projects, our customers gave us kudos. There's nothing unusual there either, as that too happens all of the time. 

However, it did remind me that not all IT companies are created equal, and if you are working with someone less experienced or less skilled, your mileage may vary. 

Experience, Hard Work, and Integrity Make the Difference

One of our recent projects was for a long-time customer. They are big enough in size that they have their own IT staff, but they work with us on some of their bigger projects because of the experience that we bring to the table. In this case, they were upgrading an old server running some line of business software to a newer version of Windows Server. 

The server in question contains a large amount of data and is used heavily in their day-to-day operations. There was a large amount of data to transfer so they were planning on logging off on Friday afternoon and being down all weekend, but we had them up and running by mid-Saturday morning along with a heartfelt thank you.

We were working on another project for a more recent customer. We started working with them about 2 years ago when their previous IT support person retired. Without IT support, they were in a bit of a mess. One of their core servers was still running Windows Server 2003 (long since unsupported), plus inadequate backups and antivirus.

We worked with them to correct the most immediate issues, and made the suggestion that they start budgeting for a new server. They were hesitant to proceed not necessarily because of the cost, but rather that a past IT project had turned into a disaster of downtime, crashes, and endless bugs. They weren’t eager to go through that again!

Smooth transitions don't happen by accident!

When You Work With the Right Company, You Get the Right Results

After working with us for a while, they began to realize that things were going to be different this time, and gave us the go ahead to replace their server. Smooth transitions don't happen by accident, and we take great care to properly plan out projects like this, and equal care in the implementation and follow up.

The end result is a smooth transition, happy client, and comments like this:

Ross has been doing great. You found a lot of talent in that fella and things have been going smoother than I'm used to. Then again, you run a tight ship sir. I shouldn't be surprised.

What can we say? Work with the right guys, and you'll get the right results.

About Don Prior

Don is the founder of Network Services Group, the co-founder of SEO Ann Arbor, and co-author of the book SEO and Beyond. He has been helping Michigan businesses with their IT, website, and Internet Marketing needs since 1994. He is into health, fitness, and high energy with a focus on getting things done. Don would love to have a chance to help you with your technology, web, and SEO needs. Bonus points if you want to do burpees.