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Are you looking for a new laptop but deterred by high prices? 

Did you know Lenovo is the overall leader in the global personal computer market? 

If you’re considering getting a new Lenovo computer, NSG can arrange for discounted pricing!

What Makes Us Lenovo Legends

NSG is part of the Lenovo Legends program! There are only a small number of dealers in this program nationwide, which means we get special pricing on Lenovo laptops and desktops, as well as a dedicated staff to help us track down and find inventory. Let us know if you’re considering getting a new laptop or desktop, and we can arrange for discounted pricing. 

Lenovo is the leader in the global personal computer market with a 24.7 percent share. They’re well known for their sturdy and reliable Thinkpad laptops.

Work With a Lenovo Legend - Computer Tech Support Ann Arbor 

If you want to maximize your investment in tech, working with reliable computer tech support in Ann Arbor is the first step. When you work with real people, you get accurate results.

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