Why Network Security Training is Important for Small Businesses

Are you a small business owner?

Have you and your employees received proper training on how to keep your network secure?

Small businesses are more vulnerable than ever to cyberattacks. As cyberattacks become more sophisticated, it’s imperative for small businesses to prioritize network security training for their employees. 

While larger businesses have IT departments and high-tech security measures in place, many small businesses lack these resources which makes them prime targets for cyber criminals. 

We want to help educate you and your staff on best practices when it comes to your business’s network security. We offer a free Internet Security Guide that you can download here. This guide will help you handle cybersecurity threats when they happen and prevent future threats from happening. 

Learn more about why network security training is needed for small businesses: 

Scammer’s Most Successful Attack Vector is Tricking You

Yes, scammers can hack into your network through software bugs and viruses, however, their most effective method of attack is to trick you and your employees. 

If your staff has a high turnover rate, new hires, or part-time employees, you must be careful and be sure that everyone on your team receives proper training to keep themselves and your business safe. 

Scammers can trick you or target your less experienced staff by “phishing.” This is a scam tactic where scammers send emails disguised as legitimate entities like the government, banks, or well-known companies to try and trick people into revealing sensitive information like passwords, financial information, or personal data. These emails often contain urgent requests using phrasing like, “this is your final notice,” or enticing offers to promote quick action by exploiting human curiosity or fear. 

An Outdated Website is an Easy Target for Hackers

Many small businesses don’t have an IT department, making them easy to hack. Small businesses often handle sensitive customer data like bank account information, credit card numbers, usernames, and passwords. 

A data breach not only jeopardizes your customer’s trust, but it can also result in severe financial and legal consequences for your business. That’s why it’s important to make sure your technology is up to date with all security patches. 

Even though it may feel inconvenient, when these programs prompt you to install updates, it’s crucial to do so because if you keep hitting “ignore”, your technology will become outdated and an easy target for hackers. 

Your Email Account is a Gateway to Most of Your Passwords 

While the “forgot password” link is helpful in many cases when you lose an important password, it can also be harmful. If a hacker can successfully use this to access your email, then they can gain access to all your other passwords. 

Never use the same password for anything and create strong passwords that you change on a regular basis. A strong password contains at least 8 characters with a mixture of upper- case and lower-case letters, numbers, and punctuation. 

If your system supports it, turning on 2-factor authentication is another smart way to keep your passwords safe and avoid being hacked. 

Educate Your Staff on Network Security with the Help of a Computer Service in Ann Arbor 

Small business owners need to take network security training seriously to protect their company data, customer’s privacy, and safety of their employees. Download our free guide here to use as a reference when training your employees on best practices for network security. 

If you would like to work with a computer service in Ann Arbor to ensure your data always stays backed up and protected, contact us today and we’ll help get you started!