NSG as a Managed Service Provider

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Does your business need a managed service provider?

Looking for a provider that doesn’t lock you into a multi-year contract?

NSG offers a wide range of services, including managed services. Under a managed service agreement, there is a fixed price that includes monitoring, maintenance, and support services. This is great for companies who want to know what they will be spending each month on IT support. 

We also provide some of these services separately, such as monitoring and maintenance plans, and then bill for any additional support services as they are utilized. 

The important thing is to have some kind of monitoring and maintenance plan in place to keep your systems up and running and secure, as well as having access to quality and experience support when you need it.

A lot of MSP's that we've encountered don't even want to talk to you unless you sign up for their full managed services plan, and even then, they want to lock you into multi-year contracts with built in price hikes each year. Yikes! 

At NSG, we work hard to provide great service and support with the goal of making our customers happy. We don't see the need to lock people into long term contracts. If you like what we do, then you'll stick with us. It seems that too many MSP's are interested in making their accountants happy as opposed to their customers. 

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