The Importance of Expert Computer Service in Ann Arbor

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When was the last time you had your business’ computers and equipment upgraded by a dedicated computer support specialist in Ann Arbor?

If you can’t remember, or the date is so long ago you don’t want to admit it – it’s time!

A wise man once said that “Computers are like websites. Every three to five years you should get a new one.” Regular upgrades and routine replacements from an experienced computer consultant are essential for keeping your business up and running – and on pace with the rest of the world.

Q.  What should I look for in a computer support package for my business?

A. There are a few key items you should look for in a computer support package:

  1. Custom-built computers. While out-of-the-box machines are okay, you’re going to want something built specifically with your business and security needs in mind.
  2. Specialized maintenance plans. It’s one thing to get new business computers, but maintenance is another game entirely. IT outsourcing is helpful so if you need software updates or hardware upgrades, there will be someone who knows what they’re doing taking care of your equipment.
  3. On-site & Off-site data backups. If the worst should happen and you experience a cyber-attack or someone opens a virus in their email, the recovery time is vastly improved with routine data backups.
  4. Scheduled Equipment Replacement. As we said, you don’t want your business’ computers and equipment to age out. Hardware upgrades and whole system replacements ensure that your business stays up to date and can handle the latest software requirements.

Network Services Group – Experienced Computer Service in Ann Arbor

I have worked with NSGroup with several businesses. They are very professional and quick to respond. I highly recommend them.” Andy B.

At Network Services Group we help southeast Michigan area businesses with their tech support and IT outsourcing needs. From data security and network support to dedicated computer consulting services, we customize our services to fit the needs of your business. If your business needs a complete tech overhaul – Contact Us today and get your Free Internet Security Guide to learn more!