NSG’s Productivity Tips for Working at Home

The recent executive order suspending non-essential business during the COVID19 outbreak didn’t come as a surprise, but it’s having a huge impact on the way we work.

Telecommuting is a great way to keep the community safe, but the risk of extra distractions at home can be a real threat to productivity.

If you haven’t worked at home before or need some tips for rocking it out during this time of uncertainty, keep reading for our tips!

Write It Down!

This shouldn’t be news to anyone, but it’s worth repeating: keep a list!

If you have a lot of work to do and you’re stressed out, chances are a lot of that stress is just from keeping it all straight in your head.

Eliminate the need to keep track of it all by just writing it down!

There’s no one way to write a to-do list, but organizing your tasks from high to low priority is a great place to start. Experiment a little and find what works for you!

Keep to a Schedule

Just because you’re working from home doesn’t mean you get to sleep till noon!

Holding yourself to a schedule isn’t just important for getting things done on time—it also puts you in a more productive state of mind. If you wake up late, have a long breakfast, and only settle down to work by late morning, chances are you’re not going to have the most productive day!

Dress for the Office

Just because you’re working at home doesn’t mean you’re not on the clock!

This suggestion is a lot like keeping to your schedule—it’s more about being in the right state of mind to get things done.

If you get up early, shower, and dress like you’re going into the office, you’re telling your brain that this isn’t just sweatpants and Netflix time!

Take Breaks!

Taking breaks about every 45 to 90 minutes keeps you fresh, and makes sure you’re doing your best work.

It might be tempting to sit down and work for 3 hours, but often this leads to fatigue and distraction.

Your break doesn’t need to be long—just take a couple minutes to stretch, walk around, have a healthy snack, or make yourself a coffee!

Communicate More than Usual

Your boss probably trusts that you’re doing a great job already, but it never hurts to check in!

Communication is especially important when you aren’t seeing your team every day.

You don’t have to write them a letter—just let your team and boss know what you’ve been up to!

Providing Support During COVID19

We hope these tips are genuinely helpful to you or your team.

COVID19 is a time of uncertainty for many of us, but NSG is here to support you and your business! If you’re having trouble getting access to what you need, get in contact with us!