IT Questions People Should Ask, but Don't!

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Do you know how your network is setup?

Are you up-to-date on cybersecurity threats?

Do you have all the necessary protection to keep harmful viruses and hackers out?

Here are 3 questions that most people don't ask about, but should:

  1. Are we secure?
  2. Is our data backed up?
  3. What do we need to do maintain our technology, and keep it running well, so our users can be productive?

At Network Services Group, we offer many services to ensure your business is running in tip-top shape. 

One such service is a network security review.  Here is a list of things to check to keep your small business network safe and secure:
Network Infrastructure

  • Business Class Router and firewall
  • External Port Scan / No Unnecessary Port Forwards
  • Use VPN instead of port forwarding whenever possible
  • External vulnerability scan
  • Router Firmware Updated
  • Router default password changed
  • Switches / Other network devices – default password has been changed
  • Business class Wi-Fi
  • Wi-Fi admin password has been changed from default
  • Wi-Fi uses WPA2 with reasonable password
  • Wi-Fi guest access (if any) is isolated.


  • Reliable multi-generational backups
  • All critical data stored in approved areas and backed up
  • Offsite backups
  • Backups are encrypted
  • Periodic restore to test backups


  • Servers kept in secure location (physical security)
  • Servers up to date with security patches (recurring)
  • Administrator passwords are on a need-to-know basis
  • Strong password for administrators
  • Shared folders require authentication
  • Restrict access to shared folders to those who require it
  • Access to servers is restricted – do not use your server as a workstation, unless it is specifically configured as a terminal server.


  • Business class antivirus software installed (centrally managed)
  • Systems up to date with security patches (recurring)
  • Regularly scheduled virus scans

Workstations / Laptops / Users 

  • All systems joined to domain
  • Local administrator password changed
  • Use different passwords for different services
  • No shared accounts
  • Separation between users and privileged accounts
  • Periodic review of all user accounts (disable unused accounts)
  • Written policies for acceptable use and privacy
  • Training – train users to not click on everything, or open suspicious attachments


  • Business class email (not Gmail or Yahoo)
  • Secure SSL or HTTPS connection
  • Reasonable passwords on all accounts
  • No open relays – authentication required
  • Restrict Port 25 Egress


  • Business class web hosting
  • Website backups (multi-generational, stored off-site)
  • Website security reviews and updates

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