NSG Helps You Select the Right Computer

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Are you on the hunt for a new computer for work?

Unsure what to look for in a business computer?

The motto of the boy scouts is to be prepared, and we think they might be on to something.  Business users rely on their computers and technology to get their jobs done, so you don’t want to show up to work with the wrong computer.  The right computer saves you time and makes you more efficient and productive.  The wrong computer… not so much.

At Network Services Group, our main focus is providing computer network service, support, and consulting services to business customers, but we also sell computers, laptops, servers, and networking equipment.   The reason we do this is partly a matter of convenience for our customers (one stop shopping), but also because we want to help ensure our customers are getting the right gear.

Sure, you could just go over to Costco or some other big box store and buy whatever they have on the shelf.  However, keep in mind that those types of stores usually only carry consumer grade equipment that isn’t suitable for business use, and it’s actually surprising how many times that storyline doesn’t have a happy ending.

When it comes to computers, there are so many different brands and options that it can be difficult to know exactly what you need.  What brand and model are best?  What specs do I need?  Contact NSG and take the guesswork and headaches out of technology.

Oh, and that new computer?  You’re going to want to have an experienced IT professional set it up for you so that it is properly configured, has security updates and software installed, and is optimized for performance and security.  

Work with a Computer Consultant in Ann Arbor

Working with the right technology company can help set you up for success—making sure you have the right gear, configured the right way, so that it works for you when you need it.  Work with Network Services Group, a premier computer consultant in Ann Arbor, and experience the positive side of what technology has to offer. Call us at (877) 815-6974 or submit a contact form here!