The Benefits of Working with a Local Website Host

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Are you looking for a website host?

Are you considering one of the big-name, free-to-use companies?

Did you know that it’s more beneficial to work with a local host?

There is a wide selection of website hosts to choose from—BlueHost, HostGator, and GoDaddy are three of the most popular. These are not necessarily bad services, but when it comes to website hosting, there is a direct tie between your connection to the host and your connection to your website. If you’re using a commercial host and things go sideways, you’ll be in a much worse position than if you were using a local host.

Here are three major benefits to working with a local website host over a commercial host.

Quicker Response Time

Network Services Group has this to say about local website hosting: “One thing people need to realize is that when we host their sites, it represents the shortest possible path between the people who care about what's happening with their site and the people who can really work the magic to make things happen, if there's a problem or if they need something special. With canned hosting providers, there's a very big gap there.” 

Because a local host doesn’t have a massive sea of faceless clients, they can respond to you much quicker. They also care about responding to you because they know you personally. Commercial hosting providers are often disinterested because there is no personal connection. With a local host, you aren’t just another call that they have to answer—you’re a valued client.

Most Secure

Template-based websites are easy to use, but that also means they’re easier to hack. DIY website hosting makes your information more vulnerable than local hosting. 

The servers at Network Services Group are hosted in different tier-1 data facilities, all with redundant internet connections and backup battery/generator power. It is extremely rare for something to happen to the NSG servers—but on the off chance something happens to one of them, your data will not be lost. It is common for commercial website hosts to keep all of their clients’ data on a single server. If something happens to that server, all of your website data will be completely wiped out.

More Professional Experience

Local website hosts are far more likely to have a qualified tech team than a commercial host. A local company has the power to hire people with a specialty in IT and web hosting, rather than hiring anyone just to meet a body count. When you need help with something, you’re answered by a competent technician. This personal connection is the reason local website hosts tend to have much better customer service than commercial hosts. Updates are performed faster, content is posted on time, and problems are solved quickly.

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